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With A New Day Comes New Strength And New Thoughts

The sunrise in Manchester this morning was amazing.

It made me ponder on Eleanor Roosevelt’s wise words, “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”

This week, I have felt physically and emotionally exhausted.

Today, I have the strength to share with you some thoughts about the week that has affected me considerably.

You may have heard about a tragedy that took place in Bolton, the city of my birth, on the morning of Saturday, 8th July.

A devastating ...

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My Pain, My City, My Manchester

For the past four days, I have cried and smiled.

Cried because I mourn the death of the people innocently killed in my city, and smiled because of the tremendous, generous acts I have seen from others as we rebuild.

The attack has caused me physical pain; there are times when I have sat in solitude with no words, just tears about what has happened on my doorstep.

The landmarks that are being referred to in the news are in my city, less than 20 minutes drive from where I live.

The terror has...

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