But the question is...
How long will you ignore that inner voice telling you “You’re meant for more!”?
How long will you run away from leveraging your full potential and maximizing your output?
How long will you let your past guide your future?
You know the kind of voice I’m talking about, right?
The one that makes you question the status quo…
The one that keeps you wide awake at night...
The one that whispers to your soul, stirring your desires...

Be Honest With Yourself

Do you feel under-appreciated, underpaid and undervalued for all that you do and who you really are?

Do you keep settling for average because you’re scared to put your brave hat on and pursue your wildest dreams, desires and aspirations?

Do you sometimes feel like a headless chicken, running around in circles, struggling to do it all, be it all and have it all with no tangible goals or clear focus?

Are you running your day or is your day running you?
Do you feel depleted, defeated and drained despite your best efforts to stay healthy & active?

Does the idea of having a balanced, content & exceptionally amazing life seem like a far-fetched dream?
Because…well, there are one thousand and one moving parts to be taken into account and who has time for that anyway?

High Performance Coaching is a powerful framework created after eighteen years of in-depth study of psychology, neuroscience, high performance studies and positive psychology.

And I’m here to help you do just that.

If you’re tired of seeing people consistently living a happy, healthy & prosperous life from the sidelines and secretly crave the same for yourself, then let me offer you something...
Something I’ve never done before and unlikely to do again anytime soon.
Let me offer you a golden opportunity to join my 12-week intensive group coaching experience, the High Performance Group Coaching Programme.
This is where we’re going to leave all the baggage, self-limiting beliefs, and fears behind and embark on a journey to discover the REAL you.

Let Me Share A Jaw-Dropping Fact With You!

Normally in the coaching industry if you’re getting a 7 out of 10 feedback from your clients, it is considered to be pretty good!

But that’s not the case here.

Absolutely not.

The High Performance coaching sessions have been rated over and over by clients at an average of 9.3 / 10.

YES! 9.3 out of 10!

This is totally insane! It just shows that the High Performance Coaching process, tools and strategies I teach and help implement really do work, they actually boost productivity, confidence, and performance!

Not only that, research shows that all high performers possess ONE unwavering belief, "They are confident they will achieve my goals DESPITE challenges or resistance".

WOA! Now that’s a pretty powerful belief to have and one that will, and has, taken my clients to a whole new level in tackling their life and business goals.

What Is The High Performance Coaching Framework?

To say the least, we’re going to work on how to get you to that next level of performance in your relationships, your health, your work and how you operate in life. This isn’t a programme on working harder or faster. Instead, it’s a life-affirming and action-driven shift that will enable you to permanently change your habits so you can turn the impossible into possible.

Session #1: FOCAL POINTS

In the opening session you will clarify your focus over the next 90 days, breakdown your goals to set your path toward a High Performance lifestyle and identify the habits that will lead to your success and achievement.

Session #2: CLARITY

Gain crystal clear clarity about who you are, your purpose, and the direction you want to go in life.

Session #3: ENERGY

Sustain the mental and physical energy needed to excel, accomplish your goals, and feel motivated and happy, consistently.

Session #4: COURAGE

Learn to take action and consistently express who you truly are and what you truly think, need, and desire with the world.


Are you consistently focused and effective, and are you good at minimizing distractions and maintaining priorities?

Session #6: INFLUENCE

Do you feel you have the social influence with your family, friends, and team needed to accomplish your goals?


Learn how to let go of the negative script that’s been playing in your mind for years and focus on positive, empowering and liberating thoughts so you can see yourself living your dream life with your mind’s eye.


Learn to track your inner GPS and listen to your body closely. So that you feel vibrant, energised and have the stamina each day to get your stuff done effectively.


Eliminate distractions, learn to focus and get the most out of your time. So you can complete and execute projects one after another without feeling overwhelmed and bogged down.


Fully step into your leadership role and learn to persuade people with your personality and charisma. So they hear you, pay attention and support you in your mission and dreams.


Understand the deeper meaning of your Vision and learn to lead and live with a clear path in-front of you. No flailing around or spinning your wheels.


Become truly self-aware through daily meditation practices and learn to live in the moment for greater meaning and joy in life.

When you sign up for the High Performance Group Coaching programme, you'll receive the same training and tools that I learned directly from my mentor and teacher, Brendon Burchard, founder of High Performance Academy and Experts Academy, that Brendon gives to his elite-level clients, from Olympians to multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and Fortune 50 CEOs.

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What Are The Features Of The High Performance Coaching?


Personal, High Performance Group Coaching and mastery-level training from top Certified High Performance Coach, Hafizah Ismail. You'll learn advanced strategies in developing your psychology, physiology, productivity, and persuasion skills. Each week's session will be upto an 1 hour long with journaling activities you can complete at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

£1,800 value


Exclusive access to a private group with others who have joined the same High Performance Group Coaching cohort as you. The added benefits of group coaching is the peer learning with others from the group, which often provides more time for reflection and articulation of insights. The collective energy, joy, goal accomplishment and group accountability will be a massive source of inspiration and motivation to succeed.


Detailed summary and feedback after each session, together with your agreed action points, to support you and help you stay on track.


Three LIVE and exclusive group Q & A calls, after Session #3, Session #7 and Session #11, to answer your burning questions about your challenges and progress.

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This. Programme. Will. Change. Your. Life.

But don't take my word for it... check out these testimonials from folks who have just been through the programme with me:

If you’re ready to breakthrough to the new level of performance and success, I invite you to register your interest for the one-on-one High Performance Coaching programme by clicking on the one-pay button or choosing the 3-pay plan.

But before you do that! Let me be very honest straight up with you and tell you that it’s not for everyone.

Yes! You heard me right.

The High Performance Coaching experience is not for everyone. I’ve very limited spots available as I’m dedicated to helping my clients achieve off-the-charts results and experience the ultimate change in EVERY aspect of their life.

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Any Questions?

Email us at [email protected]

About Hafizah Ismail

Hafizah Ismail is the founder and CEO of international child bereavement charity, Children of Jannah, a leading high performance coach and a grief recovery specialist.

Following a child’s death in her own family, Hafizah realised there was a need to provide support, education and training to bereaved parents and the wider community and was determined to do something about this. Starting with just a mobile phone and a Facebook page, she began what has now become a highly praised and flourishing charity and education network, helping grieving parents all over the world. Featuring on BBC World News, BBC World Service, Islam Channel and in The National (Abu Dhabi), Manchester Evening News, Telegraph and Argus, Hafizah has attracted widespread praise and attention for her achievements in this field.

In addition to this, from her teaching background helping students and schools achieve phenomenal results, Hafizah trained in the US and became one of the top High Performance Coaches, helping hundreds of clients achieve personal and professional success.

Hafizah currently resides in Manchester, UK with her husband and three adopted children.