Grief Recovery Method
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One-On-One programme designed to help you complete one or many significant past relationships and move beyond the pain of loss.


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About Hafizah Ismail

Hafizah Ismail is the founder and CEO of international child bereavement charity, Children of Jannah, a leading high performance coach and a grief recovery specialist.

Following a child’s death in her own family, Hafizah realised there was a need to provide support, education and training to bereaved parents and the wider community and was determined to do something about this. Starting with just a mobile phone and a Facebook page, she began what has now become a highly praised and flourishing charity and education network, helping grieving parents all over the world. Featuring on BBC World News, BBC World Service, Islam Channel and in The National (Abu Dhabi), Manchester Evening News, Telegraph and Argus, Hafizah has attracted widespread praise and attention for her achievements in this field.

In addition to this, from her teaching background helping students and schools achieve phenomenal results, Hafizah trained in the US and became one of the top High Performance Coaches, helping hundreds of clients achieve personal and professional success.

Hafizah currently resides in Manchester, UK with her husband and three adopted children.


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