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On your quest to greatness, your biggest enemy can become your biggest ally.

Distraction, faltering concentration levels and lack of focus are all battles to be conquered in your path.

In order to banish these symptoms and replace them with clarity, high speed processing, analytical and strategic skills, you need to take control.

Have your Mastered Your Mind yet?

Master Your Mind: How To Shift From Surviving To Thriving

An online course by Hafizah Ismail where she shares the secrets of how you can achieve all this and more.

Your mind is an incredibly powerful tool, but like so many of us, you may not realise how much of your potential is being wasted.

We’re surrounded by distraction, stress, criticism, and fear, all of which make it almost impossible to find the focus to better our lives … much less the mental power to actually do it!

" Freedom and greatness belong to those who master their day. "

— Brendon Burchard

Most people will only ever experience life on auto-pilot - without ever really taking the driving seat.

What about you?

Sorry, Master Your Mind Is Currently Closed!


Join Our Waiting List To Be The First To Learn When We Open Next!

Are you able to sit down and concentrate fully on the things you really want to do … or do you find yourself reaching for your phone two minutes in?
Have you tried all kinds of personal development systems, only to find that you lose enthusiasm and eventually give up?
Do you find yourself doing the same things over and over again, even though they don’t really make you happy?
The truth is, you can’t create a high performance life for yourself on auto-pilot.
That’s why high performers around the world make it a point to manage their minds just as carefully as they do their bodies.


As a world leading High Performance Coach, I have written Master Your Mind to share with you the seven powerful strategies that high performers around the world use to unlock the power of their minds.

" Successful people live each day as if it were their last and make the most out of each moment. "

— Jim Rohn

As a certified Coach, CEO of an acclaimed charity, Education Consultant and Grief Recovery Specialist, I know how to make the most of my mind – I wouldn’t have achieved all this by coasting on auto pilot. By learning how to use my mind to the best of my abilities, I have been able to turn my days from distracted and cluttered to clear and focused.

With my online course YOU WILL LEARN:

  • Learn how to become more present in every moment
  • Understand why focusing on your weaknesses holds you back
  • Realise what you can do to conquer doubts and fears
  • Discover what high performers do in the face of failure and how they turn it to their advantage
  • Automate the behaviours that keep your mind working at your full potential
  • Achieve that high performance life you have been striving for

Are you ready to Master Your Mind?

How did I do all this?

Through practicing techniques that I have learnt from some of the most successful people in the world and applying these to my own life.

It all started with my biggest challenge and most important step  - learning how to master my days, every single day.

Now I want to share my success with others and develop a legacy of helping people to live the life they want to lead.

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Sorry, Master Your Mind Is Currently Closed!


Join Our Waiting List To Be The First To Learn When We Open Next!


About Hafizah Ismail

Hafizah Ismail is the founder and CEO of international child bereavement charity, Children of Jannah, a leading high performance coach and a grief recovery specialist.

Following a child’s death in her own family, Hafizah realised there was a need to provide support, education and training to bereaved parents and the wider community and was determined to do something about this. Starting with just a mobile phone and a Facebook page, she began what has now become a highly praised and flourishing charity and education network, helping grieving parents all over the world. Featuring on BBC World News, BBC World Service, Islam Channel and in The National (Abu Dhabi), Manchester Evening News, Telegraph and Argus, Hafizah has attracted widespread praise and attention for her achievements in this field.

In addition to this, from her teaching background helping students and schools achieve phenomenal results, Hafizah trained in the US and became one of the top High Performance Coaches, helping hundreds of clients achieve personal and professional success.

Hafizah currently resides in Manchester, UK with her husband and three adopted children.


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